The EU should vigorously defend peace, freedom and democracy within its borders, especially at sub-state level.

The EU was founded after the Second World War to secure peace as well as economic and social prosperity. Its goals are to maintain peace within its borders, defend democracy, and to safeguard the rule of law, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. In practice, however, the EU is constituted as a Union of its Member States, rather than of its peoples. This means it frequently defends its Member States’ interests even when they are in direct opposition to those of European citizens. When democracy and the rule of law come into conflict, as in Catalonia, the EU finds itself on the side of those who use violent force to suppress democratic expression.

The EU should represent not only a Europe without war, but also one that stands up for the recognition of its minorities, the right to self-determination and unconditional respect for dignity and human rights. Based on these fundamental and democratic principles, it must actively seek to prevent new conflict and resolve existing conflicts through dialogue, and to tackle all the consequences of conflict – with special care for victims and political prisoners.

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